Our Affiliate IDs

I tough that it is time to have a page to include our affiliate ids.

This is important in the affiliate marketing world if you want to be sure that you will get any bonuses , training , support or coaching we might offer with some of the products we advertise. And it is important to us to be credited for our effort to advertise, recommend a specific affiliate offer.

In order to qualify for bonuses or any other help we might be able to provide, you should make sure that on the checkout pages you will see one of the following ID’s :

1. For the JvZoo Network   we use 3 ID’s  : AllSuperInfo  – 182756 , Aaron AllSuperInfo – 326823 and Evergreen AllSuperInfo – 1007873



2. For the Click Bank Network our ID is :  ocg89

On most of our affiliate links we have a Live Chat bubble in the right bottom corner  , so if or when you need help we are there to help with info , in some cases training or coaching. Don’t hesitate to use it.